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Does Your Business Need A Facelift?

In Business we still seem to be working in our business and not on our business as much as we should be.

I say one thing to my clients who say business is OK but we could be a bit more busier.... Your business needs a facelift, a new look or a new edge on your competition.

How long has it been you act like your own customer just for one day? Don't drive around the back and access your office through the back door tomorrow, drive around the front. Park in the car park where your customers do and what do you see? Does this need a new look, a paint, a clean, a new colour or facelift..... Well keep going, walk the path of your customer. Do you have excellent directional signage so no one is getting lost and ending up next door...? Do you have the simple things like a push decal or your business hours on the front door? Do you have an inviting signed reception area or do you have your logo in the reception are again to brand yourself even when the customer is in the door?

The last thing you need is your customer to forget your name through simply not branding yourself in the correct locations, or having them feel lost when they get there. Do you have the correct emergency exit signs, no smoking and staff car park signs? All these things will make your new customers and staff feel welcome, and they will come back again and again.

If you would like an experienced person to give your business a once over, please contact us, we will do just as above and survey your requirements to give you that edge back that your business needs to keep succeeding.

It is said that every 5-8 years you need to look at having that radio ad back on air, look at the way your business presents itself to the public so that the business itself does not go stale.

Remember new clients are looking for your business every day of the year, so let us help you make sure these new clients actually find you next time!


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